Welcome to C-RIB Professional Boats

C-RIB. Commercially proven technology™

The brand C-RIB (Commercial-RIB) was established 2002 by Mr Peder Brun and today our company is one of the largest suppliers of professional ribs in
Sweden, where safety, reliability and low running costs are paramount.

Our company can be characterised by its ability to precisely meet customer demands through flexible and adaptable production processes and our inhouse
design team allows us to meet demands for different propulsion systems in an equally compliant manner.

Our range of “proven” professional C-RIB boats are pre-engineered for specific requirements: Adventure, Patrol Police Rescue, Charter and Military
applications. Within each of these categories we can further customise each component to the clients requirements, budget and location, resulting in a
vessel that will give reliable service over years of demanding use.

Adventure Range

The Adventure series is based on our rugged professional platforms but with more leisure specific detailing. These rib boats are a cost effective, low maintenance craft and with the same high-quality, reliability & sea keeping characteristics found on our professional boats.

Charter Range

These high end commercial crafts are designed for heavy duty use. Tried and tested since 2001 in some of the most demanding conditions with many charter specific features as standard.

Patrol Police and Rescue Range

The next generation of professional Patrol, Police and Rescue and R.I.Bs. (Rigid Inflatable Boat)
The objective is to set a new benchmark for professional fast-response RIBs by offering the best crew protection and meeting today’s technical requirements.

Military Range

A  new benchmark for professional fast-response RIBs. A multi purpose tool, equally suited for fast interception, boarding missions, troop carrier and as a rescue/support craft. The toughest and most durable high speed craft for professional commercial, para-military and military users.

Maritime Offshore Consultancy™

We are also one of the few companies in Sweden that can offer risk management with fast ferry crew management, marine security and offshore maritime support training alongside the production of our professional boats.

This allows us to meet the ever increasing demands of professional operators worldwide.